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2005 to 2020 - The group is continuously approached by governments worldwide to supply AVIS WASTE CONVERTING INDUSTRIAL PARKS as a result of its Global expansion.  Endless projects has been collected and now to be constructed. 

We enter now into the construction phase. That means heavy capital must be moved.

AVIS funding division receives constantly offers of accept Cash, Sovereign Notes, Bank Guarantees and institutional heritage funds, for the funding purposes of the construction at several host locations. We're talking here in about of at least 40 billion capital and capital equivalent as of today.

The AVIS Team is issuing bonds in Luxembourg and Fund Certificates as well other derivatives. Every day the Team receives from all over the world new offers for cash taking in or processing of projects of all kind 

This is what we do, day by day:

  • Responding to all the offers received by our community
  • Picking out the goody's from all the offers they are fitting for execution of the AVIS project

Working with other team members in processing of:

  • Bank IT and all around bank systems for to be totally independent of any today standard bank
  • Construction Corporation A&A
  • Stock Exchange register
  • Budgeting and finance planning for payment processing
  • Selling of Bank products
  • Generating income for the group
  • Website designing and politic adjustments
  • Media development
  • Legal processing 
  • Bank acquisitions 

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